Member News

The WBN Member Newsletter (monthly August through to June) is designed to provide members with information and resources.  This year we are continuing with a Community External Newsletter that will be going out to over 900 individuals in our WBN database.  In addition to providing our members with a place to advertise, the newsletter is also a place where our members can share information about their businesses and the community events they support.

How Can You Contribute?

  1. Submit content for the “Member News” section of the newsletters; including information about your business; notices, changes, additions, updates, new products and services, special events, opportunities and celebrations.
  2. Submit content for the “Community Events” section of the newsletters; including fundraisers you’re involved in.
  3. Write a brief review of a business book or resource you would like to recommend.
  4. Write a “Feature Article”, sharing your professional expertise, or business related knowledge.
  5. Note: You can also purchase ads in the newsletters.  For more information email our Member Communications Team at news atttt womensbusinessnetwork dotttt net

Submission Guidelines

  1. Submit your content by the 15th of each month (Note: we accommodate late submissions whenever possible, please news atttt womensbusinessnetwork dotttt net if you have any questions)
  2. Keep submissions to fewer than 60 words

Submission Steps

  1. Login and complete the form – entering information for the “Member News” or “Community Events” section or add your book or resource recommendation (up to 60 words)

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  2. Email the WBN news atttt womensbusinessnetwork dotttt net for instructions on submitting a Feature Article (up to 600 words)

Advertise in the WBN Newsletter

buy-now-buttonOne of our membership benefits is the ability to place a year-long ad in our current newsletter that is seen by hundreds of community members each month. To discuss purchasing a newsletter ad, please contact the External Communications Director or click here to purchase yours now.