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Self-Care Tips for the Selfless Professional

Louise Racine of of Thirteen Moons Wellness shares some insightful Self-Care Tips for the Selfless Professional…  As women, we are usually the caregivers – always there for others – family, partner, kids, parents, boss, staff, community. We wear our superhuman powers like a badge of honour. Somehow we expect to keep going and going, like the Ever-ready bunny, fixing, consoling, organizing, supporting, and loving everyone but ourselves. Sadly, for some, the only thing that slows us down is illness. There is an option. What if we actually made ourselves a priority? Right now. Not when circumstances allow it. Today, before we are forced to make the changes that we need to be vibrant and happy. Here are a few suggestions that might inspire you to take action. Practice Positive Self-talk – Be aware of the self-limiting beliefs you hold that tell you that you are not worthy, you are not good enough, there isn’t enough time, money, etc., without judgement. Consider whether these refrains are completely true, usually they are not. Recall an incident that dispels your negative belief, and reframe the thought to one that better serves you. Get in the habit of doing this consistently and watch how things shift for you. One way to focus on positive is to keep a daily gratitude journal. As we bring more of our blessing into our awareness, we begin to feel better about ourselves and our circumstances. Remember Gandhi’s wise words: Continue reading